Bloom Box

After the solar panels and the wind turbines it is time for a new piece of technology:

Bloom Box


The Bloom Box is a new type of fuel cell that generates electricity by combining oxygen from the air with any type of fuel, such as solar energy, gas and biogas.

The current price of a Bloom Box is around $ 750,000 each. Big companies like Google, eBbay, Coca Cola and FedEx use the Bloom Boxes for several years. They save about $ 100,000 per year in energy costs! 5 Bloom boxes generate as much energy as 3,000 solar panels. Within five to 10 years there are smaller Bloom Boxes that will cost under $ 3,000. A Bloom Box is sufficient to provide a European house of electricity. Energy prices have nearly doubled over the last 10 years (source: CBS). Here we go with you to do something.

Where is your investment used for?

– Commercial
– Fleet
– Installers
– Marketing
– We try to buy big to get the price well under the $ 3,000 so that it become affordable for everyone

Why choose this project?

– Build the future for yourself and your (grand)children
– First supplier in Europe
– Fair prices
– Environmentally friendly

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